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De-oxygenation of CO2 by using Hydrogen, Carbon and Methane over Alumina-Supported Catalysts

R.Y. Raskar  -  CE & PD Division, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune 411 008, India
K.B. Kale  -  CE & PD Division, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune 411 008, India
*A.G. Gaikwad  -  CE & PD Division, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune 411 008, India

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The de-oxygenation of CO2 was explored by using hydrogen, methane, carbon etc., over alumina supported catalysts. The alumina-supported ruthenium, rhodium, platinum, molybdenum, vanadium and magnesium catalysts were first reduced in hydrogen atmosphere and then used for the de-oxygenation of CO2. Furthermore, experimental variables for the de-oxygenation of CO2 were temperature (range 50 to 650 oC), H2/CO2 mole ratios (1.0 to 5), and catalyst loading (0.5 to 10 wt %). During the de-oxygenation of CO2 with H2 or CH4 or carbon, conversion of CO2, selectivity to CO and CH4 were estimated. Moreover, 25.4 % conversion of CO2 by hydrogen was observed over 1 wt% Pt/Al2O3 catalyst at 650 oC with 33.8 % selectivity to CH4. However, 8.1 to 13.9 % conversion of CO2 was observed over 1 wt% Pt/Al2O3 catalyst at 550 oC in the presence of both H2 and CH4. Moreover, 42.8 to 79.4 % CH4 was converted with 9 to 23.1 % selectivity to CO. It was observed that the de-oxygenation of CO2 by hydrogen, carbon and methane produced carbon, CO and CH4. © 2012 BCREC UNDIP. All rights reserved

Received: 6th February 2012; Revised: 23rd April 2012; Accepted: 24th April 2012

[How to Cite: R. Y. Raskar, K. B. Kale, A. G. Gaikwad. (2011). De-oxygenation of CO2 by using Hydrogen, Carbon and Methane over Alumina-Supported Catalysts. Bulletin of Chemical Reaction Engineering & Catalysis, 7 (1): 59-69.  doi:10.9767/bcrec.7.1.1631.59-69]

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Keywords: De-oxygenation of carbon dioxide, hydrogen and methane; ruthenium; rhodium, platinum molybdenum, vanadium, magnesium, and alumina — supported catalysts

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