Titiek Suliyati


The study on the understanding of Chinese society towards Genre in this paper is very inluenced by Tao Philosphy and Confucianism in the reign of Chou Dynasty. The core of Tao philosophy and Confucianism is the effort to reach life harmony between human being and the universe. The harmony between being and the universe is energized by yin-yang. Yang represent among others sky, sun, day-time, fire, active, excitement characters. Yin representamong others earth, night time, female, moon, cold, water and sadness characters. The Uderstanding of Chinese society towards Genre is in line Tao philosphy and Confucianism, namely regarding the role of woman as "subservient". China society in Pecinan Semarang regard this genre role can be classified through China society live in Semarang namely pure blooded Chine and non pure-bloode Chinese. Pure-blooded Chinese regards woman has role only in domestic scope. Non pure-blooded Chinese regards woman has the same role as man. At the present time Chinese societ begin to realize that woman can actively participate in many fields such as in politic, economy, and social culture.


key word: understanding, Chinese society, genre

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