Nurhadi Sasmita


Political victory of the Liberalist in Dutch Parliement gave rise to the change in Nederlandsch Indië. This can be seen from the establishment of Agricultural Act and Sugar Act in 1870. The implementation of this acts opened an opportunity of European businessman to grow the business in plantation industry. Industrialization in Blitar was basically both rural based industries and urban based industries. Rural based industries were developed plantation in Blitar Regency and Gemeente Blitar took part as the centers of controlling agencies, communications, and distribution of  rural based industry products. Urban-based industries in Gemeente Blitar included service industries, utility industries, construction industry, small manufacture industries. Industrialization in Gemeente Blitar experienced dynamic fluctuative situation because of natural disasters, a problem that could not be solved quickly, the head office of a big company is outside of Blitar. Industrialization effect in Blitar are: the opening of isolated areas, sosial segregation, industrial conflict, new space layout and kampongsverbetering, social economic, establishment of the new institutions and new local regulations. Specially for the city space layout, gouvernment was not entirelly succesfull, because: natutral disasters, there was not utility and constructions company based in Blitar, colonial governments attitude was not serious to develop Gemeente Blitar.

Key words: industry, industrialization, Gemeente Blitar.

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