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IJRED editorial board is pleased to announce that the first issue of theInternational Journal of Renewable Energy development (IJRED) is nowavailable online. This journal has also been registered by ISSN number: 2252-4940. The first issue contains papers dealing with bioenergy development.Renewable Bioenergy will not only benefit in reducing the fossil oilconsumption, but also plays role in CO2 emissions mitigation. This first issue(Vol. 1 issue 1: 2012) of IJRED includes research involving various bioenergyproducts such as fuel bioethanol, biodiesel, VCO and advanced technologyin assisting their productions such as ultrasound and pinch technology. Bothfundamental research and technology development are highlighted and inthe meantime, challenges for large scale production and application ofbioenergy are discussed.


Dr Hadiyanto & Dr PV Aravind

Editor in Chief

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