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Ultrasound Assisted Esterification of Rubber Seed Oil for Biodiesel Production

W Widayat, Berkah Fajar Tamtomo Kiono

Page 1-5

Enhancing Ethanol Production by Fermentation Using Saccharomyces cereviseae under Vacuum Condition in Batch Operation

A Abdullah, Dessy Ariyanti

Page 6-9

 Biofixation of Carbon dioxide by Chlamydomonas sp. in a Tubular Photobioreactor

H Hadiyanto, S Sumarno, Rufaida Nur Rostika, Noer Abyor Handayani

Page 10-14

Evaluation and Modification of Processes for Bioethanol Separation and Production

Johner P Sitompul, W Widayat, Tatang H Soerawidjaja

Page 15-22

Potency of Microalgae as Biodiesel Source in Indonesia

H Hadiyanto, W Widayat and Andri Cahyo Kumoro

Page 23-27

VCO Production from Fresh Old Coconut Bunch by Circulating andPumping Method

Muhamad Maulana Azimatun Nur, Joko Mulyono, Danny Soetrisnanto

Page 28-31

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