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Published: 1 Jul 2012.
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Potency of Solar Energy Applications in Indonesia pp.33-38

N.A. Handayani and D. Ariyanti

The Social Aspects and Public Acceptance of Biomass Giving the Example of aHungarian Region pp.29-43

Z. Bujdosó, C. Patkós, T. Kovács, Z. Radics and Z. Baros

Cultivation of Chlorella sp. as Biofuel Sources in Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) pp. 45-49

H. Hadiyanto, M.M. Azimatun Nur, and G.D. Hartanto

Thermodynamic Model of a Very High Efficiency Power Plant based on a BiomassGasifier, SOFCs, and a Gas Turbine pp.51-55

P.V. Aravind, C. Schilt, B. Türker, and T. Woudstra

Biodiesel Production from Rubber Seed Oil via Esterification Process pp. 57-60

W. Widayat and S. Suherman

Biogas Production from Cow Manure pp.61-64

D.A. Putri, R.R. Saputro, and Budiyono

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