Agarwood Waste as A New Fluid Loss Control Agent in Water-based Drilling Fluid

Azlinda Azizi, Mohd Shahrul Nizam Ibrahim, Ku Halim Ku Hamid, Arina Sauki, Nurul Aimi Ghazali, Tengku Amran Tengku Mohd



Agarwood has been used widely in various ways, including traditional medicine and art. The usage of agarwood has grown broader in modern times include in therapeutic medicines and perfumery. In this paper the agarwood waste has been explored to be used as a fluid loss control agent to control fluid loss without affecting the drilling fluid rheological properties which are density, pH, viscosity, yield point and gel strength. Agarwood waste was used as an additive in the drilling fluid system due to its unique characteristic. Rheological and filtration measurements were performed on the formulated water-based drilling fluid. Formulations of a base solution of fresh water, sodium hydroxide, bentonite, barite, and xanthan gum were presented. The performance of the agarwood waste as the fluid loss control agent was compared with based fluid formulation and water-based drilling fluid with treating with conventional fluid loss control agent (starch). The filtrate volume of drilling fluid with agarwood waste was about 13 ml while for drilling fluid with conventional fluid loss control agent, starch gave 12 ml of filtrate volume after undergoing filtration test by using LPLT filter press. The performance of drilling fluid with agarwood was efficient as drilling fluid with starch.

Doi: 10.12777/ijse.5.2.101-105

How to cite this article: Azizi, A., Ibrahim, M.S.N., Hamid, K.H.K., Sauki, A., Ghazali, N.A., Mohd, T.A.T. (2013). Agarwood Waste as A New Fluid Loss Control Agent in Water-based Drilling Fluid. International Journal of Science and Engineering, 5(2),101-105. Doi: 10.12777/ijse.5.2.101-105]


Fluid loss control agent, water-based drilling fluid, rheological test, filtration test and agarwood

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