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PAROLE: Journal of Linguistics and Education

Master Program in Linguistics, Diponegoro University, Semarang, Indonesia, has published a journal named Parole: Journal of Linguistics and Education with e-ISSN 2338-0683 (electronic) and p-ISSN 2087-345X (printed). According to our plan, this journal will be published twice a year in April and October. The Editors predict that this journal will be consumed by: linguists, experts in socio-cultural studies, university lecturers in language teaching, students in linguistics, language teachers, journalists, and other professionals. Thus, as its name has it, the journal will publish papers in the study of linguistics and/or applied linguistics (or language teaching). 

Articles received will be peer-double blind reviewDecision on manuscript accepted or not is decided by the Editor in Chief based on the comments of reviewers in the forum session of the Board of Editors.

Publication schedule: April and October | more info
Language: English 
APC: Free of charge (submission, publishing) | more info
IndexingDOAJ, SINTA 2, Dimensions, Google Scholar, Crossref | more info
OAI address:

Ready for submitting a manuscript? Please follow [Author Guidelines] and [Manuscript Template], and click [Submit].

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Pembaharuan Hukum Pidana

Jurnal PEMBAHARUAN HUKUM PIDANA (JPHP) merupakanh peer reviewed journal yang mulai terbit sejak tahun 2012. Namun mulai online sejak 2019.  Jurnal ini diterbitkan oleh Bagian Hukum Pidana Fakultas Hukum Universitas Diponegoro  Semarang. Jurnal PEMBAHARUAN HUKUM PIDANA terbit dua kali setahun yaitu pada bulan maret dan bulan september. Jurnal PEMBAHARUAN HUKUM PIDANA berisi artikel hasil penelitian staf pengajar dan mahasiswa Bagian Hukum Pidana Fakultas Hukum Universitas Diponegoro. Untuk staf pengajar Fakultas Hukum dapat berupa hasil penelitian sumber dana mandiri, fakultas maupun pendanaan dari lembaga lain. Dalam perkembangannya, sejak tahun 2019, Jurnal PEMBAHARUAN HUKUM PIDANA (JPHP) juga mempublikasikan hasil penelitian para peneliti, staf pengajar, dan mahasiswa pada lembaga lain baik nasional maupun internasional.  Artikel yang dimuat dalam  Jurnal PEMBAHARUAN HUKUM PIDANA (JPHP) fokus pada isu isu pembaharuan hukum pidana, meliputi: kebijakan pidana, kriminologi, dan kebijakan no penal. Jurnal PEMBAHARUAN HUKUM PIDANA (JPHP) telah terindek pada GOOGLE SCHOLAR,. Kedepan, Jurnal PEMBAHARUAN HUKUM PIDANA (JPHP) akan tetap melakukan indeks pada e-source yang yang bereputasi.

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Politika: Jurnal Ilmu Politik

Politika: Jurnal Ilmu Politik (e-ISSN 2502-776X) (p-2086-7344) is published by Master of Political Science Program, Department of Politics and Government, Faculty of Social and Political Science, Diponegoro University, Semarang, Indoensia. The journal is a multi-disciplined journal focused on the study of political science, governance issues and public policy in and on Indonesia and Asia. The journal publishes theoretical and empirical research articles with an aim to promote and disseminate academic atmosphere in and on the region. The journal has areas of concern that includes political science, Indonesian politics, Asian politics, governance issues in Indonesia and Asia, public policy in Indonesia and Asia, decentralization, political parties and national and local election. The journal publication includes articles, research notes, notices on conferences, workshops and seminars, and book reviews. Politika is published on April and October every year. Template of full paper/article can be access here. POLITIKA has been indexed Sinta 3 in January 2019. The Decision Letter (SK) of SINTA indexing by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education can be downloaded here

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