Jurnal Geosains dan Teknologi (JGT)

Editor in Chief : Dr.rer.nat. Thomas Triadi Putranto

Publisher : Department of Geological Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Diponegoro

Subject : Engineering and TechnologyNatural Sciences and Environment

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About this Journal

Jurnal Geosains dan Teknologi (JGT, ISSN 2615-6520, e-ISSN 2620-634X) is a periodic journal published by the Geological Engineering Department of Universitas Diponegoro, Indonesia. JGT provides and accommodates publication media for scientific articles in the scope of geoscience and applied technology. JGT is accredited Grade 3 (S3)by the Ministry of Research and Technology/ National Research and Innovation Agency. In order to fulfill and commit to the quality of articles, the Jurnal Geosains dan Teknologi has reached an agreement with professional organizations to support each other in terms of scientific publication. The professional organizations are Persatuan Ahli Airtanah Indonesia (PAAI), Ikatan Ahli Geologi Indonesia (IAGI), Masyarakat Geologi Teknik Indonesia (MGTI), and Masyarakat Geologi Ekonomi Indonesia (MGEI).

p-ISSN: 2615-6520

e-ISSN: 2620-634X

Accreditation History
Sinta 4 (July 2022 - March 2027)

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