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Why Academic Writing Is Difficult For Students?

by Miss Lidia Smith (06-12-2019)

In response to Trung tam bao hanh may lanh Aikibi

The personal essay is something which puzzles most of the students. They think every essay they write is a personal essay, but it is not like that. Things are not as easy as pie. To produce an excellent personal essay, you must need to distinguish a descriptive essay, a research paper and a personal essay.

Lack of organization

Though it is much easier to write a personal essay than a research paper or an analytical essay. But you can't be unorganized. The organization is something which makes your paper clear and easy to understand for the reader.Students are unable to manage their academic workload and for maintainign good grades they rush towards essay writer working with essay writing service.

Boring topic

When it comes to a personal essay, success is highly dependent on the subject and topic that you may choose. If the story is not meaningful and engaging, you will lose it. You may take help from essay topic generator for better ideas for your essays.
• No structure

If you do not follow a specific structure, never ever think that your essay will be impressive. Make sure that you include all the necessary elements in your essay. A structure makes an essay logical. If you take help from “write my essay” online you see that professional writers will follow all the basic steps to write effective essays.


Absence of moral lesson
A personal essay must teach a particular lesson to the audience. Remember you have to tell how some incident impacted you and your personality and how it can contribute to the reader’s life as well.