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*Sugito Sugito scopus  -  Statistics Department, Diponegoro University, Indonesia
Alan Prahutama  -  Statistics Department, Diponegoro University, Indonesia
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The transportation sector is one sector that plays an essential role in economic growth. The transportation sector can increase economic growth. Semarang City is one of the provincial capitals in Central Java. The Srondol-Jatingaleh toll road is one of the toll roads in the city of Semarang that has implemented the Automatic Toll Gate. Based on the results of the analysis, so that the queue model is (logistic/logistic/ 4) :( FIFO / ∞ / ∞). It shows that the distribution of the queuing system of the number of arrivals and the number of vehicle services are Logistic-Distribution. The number of service facilities is 4, the service discipline used is First In First Out (FIFO), the size in the queue, and the source of calls are unlimited.
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Keywords: Queue system; Logistic Distribution; Srondol-Jatingalih Toll

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