Penerapan Film Tipis Ba0.25Sr0.75TiO3 (BST) Yang Didadah Ferium Oksida Sebagai Sensor Suhu Berbantukan Mikrokontroler

A. Ardian, L. Nady, R. Erviansyah, H. Syafutra, Irzaman Irzaman, Siswadi Siswadi


Ferroelectric material originating from Barium Strontium Titanate (BST), is expected to have high energy because it has a dielectric constant and high charge storage capacity [6]. Materials produced by the process of ferium dopan, it is hoped will be a temperature sensor. If, materials BST and BFST (Barium Ferium Strontium Titanate) subjected to the temperature (material change that temperature), and the resulting voltage, then this material can be applied as a temperature sensor using a microcontroller. Microcontroller that used is ATMega 8535 with internal ADC. Voltage was generated, will be reinforced with a voltage amplifier (OpAmp) and will be processed into digital data at the ATMega8535 internal ADC (Analog Digital Converter).Incoming digital data will be processed and displayed in the view Microcontroller-based desktop applications Delphi 7. The material to be tested is material BST, BFST 5%, and BFST 15%.


Keyword: BST, Temperature sensor, ATMEGA 8535, ADC, Delphi 7

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