Respon Non Linier Sifat Optis Larutan MgSO4

*K. Sofjan Firdausi  -  Jurusan Fisika, FMIPA UNDIP, SemarangMu, Indonesia
Much. Azam  -  Jurusan Fisika, FMIPA UNDIP, Semarang, Indonesia
Thithit Romadhona  -  Jurusan Fisika, FMIPA UNDIP, Semarang, Indonesia
Prayitno Abadi  -  Jurusan Fisika, FMIPA UNDIP, Semarang, Indonesia
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Section: Research Articles
Language: EN
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A response of nonlinear optic of several salt solutions in external magnetic field has been studied. An altered magnetic field varies from 0 until 0,2T used to induce samples, and then change of polarization angle b is measured by polarizators, where the direction propagation of laser is perpendicular to the direction of B. Various concentration of solution is used at 5% until 35%. Our experiment shows that the graphs of b vs. B are still linear for mineral water and NaCl solution. However, for MgSO4 solution, we obtained polynomial tendency of this graph. At 20% until 35% of concentration of this solution it has polynomial in third order.

Keywords: Nonlinear optics, change of polarization angle, external magnetic field.

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