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*Gasa Raflianto  -  Program Studi Diploma III Teknik Elektro, Indonesia
Priyo Sasmoko  -  Program Studi Diploma III Teknik Elektro, Indonesia

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Gasa Raflianto, Priyo Sasmoko, in this paper explain that design of miniature electronic methods parking place with parking pricing (EPP) based arduino uno created by looking at the problems that occur at this time, Berparkir is something that is often encountered in everyday dikehidupan. sometimes it is crucial to find the solution in order to provide convenience and comfort for the driver of the vehicle as well as the efficient use of parking space limitations. A lot of wasted time and sometimes quite a hassle just to queue entrance and exit of the parking lot during rush hour. Based on these problems, the authors provide a solution by designing a tool that can enable people to berparkir without having taken the trouble to enter and exit the parking lot without having to waste time and tenaga.Sistem is also supported by the Arduino Uno as the brain to process data from RFID, infrared is used to instruct the servo and servo motor is used as a parking portal.


Keywords:, Servo, RFID, Infrared Sensor.


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