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Published: 12 Jul 2014.
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The final result of writing the article, entitled “Competitive usage: a wide field and cause ”related to the findings: still/can the discovery of two forms that are competitive in usage/communication, so from the relevant form correlated with the lack of certainty which of the form should be used. As a result, the existing problems of interest to be studied.

The finding of the two forms is related to the fields: phonology, morphology, semantic, and etymology; as for the cause lies in the speaker itself. The basic approach used in interest of contradictory data analysis on linguistic theory. The stages of contradictory research on:       1. Data collection, 2. classification and analysis of data and 3. Stage of writing/reporting.

For the benefit: which form should be used, then it is proper if the Indonesian speakers utilize existence: EYD handbook, a large dictionary and grammar Indonesian standard. Because the existence of the three sources of reading is meant to function as a “guideline”.

Keywords: forms of competencies; a wild field and causes.

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