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Journal History

  • Journal was established in 2006 under the Department of Communication Sciences Undip. Because the administrative problems of managing the Journal were then taken over by the Undip Post-Graduate Master of Communication Science Program in 2012 to date
  • Since the 2017 edition, Vol.6 No.2 the number of articles published from 12 articles into 6 articles
  • Since the 2018 edition, Vol.7 No.1 the publishing schedule has changed from January and July to June and December
  • Since the 2018 edition, Vol. 7, the style guide has changed according to the template that was published on the front page of the journal website
  • Since the 2021 edition, Vol. 10, the number of articles published from 6 articles into 8 articles
  • Since the 2023 edition, Vol. 12, the number of articles published from 8 articles into 12 articles
  • Since the 2024 edition, Vol. 13, there is layout change on article