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Defamiliarisasi dalam Kebahasaan Cerpen Jumat,Yang Sebening Gelas Anggur Karya Hasta Indriyana

*Uniawati Uniawati  -  Kantor Bahasa Provinsi Sulawesi Tenggara

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The concept of defamiliarisation represents the concept which is brought about by formalism. The concept is emphasized by the application of close reading, taking the texts the only consideration in analyzing it. The focus is to undo the easiness of understanding a text with a purpose to make the text more interesting. The text studied here is "JumatĀ  long Sebening Gelas Anggur by Hasta Indriyani. The analysis is conducted parallel with the number of event in the story. The analysis found that the text contains many symbols, namely metonymy, paradox, personification, simile, hyperbole, and methaphore. Those symbols are used to defamiliarized the text.
Keywords : formalism, defamiliarisation, close reading, language style, symbol

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