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*Andi Priyono  -  Program Studi D3 Instrumentasi dan Elektronika, Sekolah Vokasi, Universitas Diponegoro, Semarang
Pandji Triadyaksa scopus  -  Departemen Fisika Fakultas Sains dan Matematika, Universitas Diponegoro, Semarang

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The process of planting certain plants requires extra attention, especially in maintaining soil moisture such as in chili plants. Therefore, this research develops an automatic plant watering system that can be monitored via a smartphone using the Telegram application. This system can  do  automatic  watering  according  to  soil  moisture  and  measures  the  temperature  and humidity of the surrounding environment controlled by ESP8266 which is equipped with 16x2 LCD,  YL-69  sensor,  and  DHT11  sensor.  Watering  system  trials  show  excellent  readability comparable  to  calibrators.  Temperature,  humidity,  and  soil  moisture  are  informed  via  a smartphone and LCD that are attached to the watering prototype. The Telegram application is able to send information to carry out the function of watering automation when the soil moisture is less than 50% as a reference in accordance with the characteristics of the chili plants. In addition, the automatic sprinkler trial via the Telegram command, as desired by the user, was also successfully carried out. It is concluded that development of a plant watering system based on soil moisture information has been successfully carried out. The system shows the ability of the Telegram application to provide remote commands to the system that works.

Keywords:  Automatic  plant  watering  system,  ESP8266,  Sensor  YL-69,  Sensor  DHT11,  Chili  plants, Telegram

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