Pertumbuhan Semai Jarak Pagar (Jatropha curcas L. ) Asal Biji Dan Stek Yang Ditanam Pada Jenis Tanah Berbeda

*Erma - Prihastanti  -  biologi, Indonesia
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The successful of the growth of Jatropha curcas L. in seed yield is affected when the nursery, such as how
the provision of seedlings and the media used. Jatropha propagation is generally done through vegetative
propagation (cuttings) and reproductive (seed).. Several efforts to maximize the quality of seedlings of which is with
the selection of appropriate planting medium, as in the choice of soil. This study aims to assess the growth of
jatropha seedlings from seeds and cuttings in different soil types. Research conducted at the Laboratory of Plant Test
Bogor Agricultural University, in February - July 2006. Jatropha seedlings used a month old from seed and cuttings
from parent trees were 8 years old. The growing medium used in the form of latosol and podzolic soil. Observation
of growth after two months of maintenance performed by observing the plant wet weight, leaf number and length of
seedling roots.
The results showed the growth of jatropha seedlings influenced by seedling origin and type of soil. Jatropha
seedlings from seeds or cuttings are planted in latosol or atosol increased wet weight, root length and number of
leaves for two months of the nursery. The best growth from seeds of jatropha seedlings when planted in soil latosol,
while seedlings from cuttings better if planted in soil podzolic.

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