Tree Species Composition and Distribution in Sungai Lalang Forest Reserve, Selangor, Malaysia

*Fadal Farag K Sasse -  biologi, Indonesia
Boedi - hendrarto -  biologi, Indonesia
Munifatul - Izzati -  biologi, Indonesia
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Species richness, species composition, height, diameter class structure and tree species diversity were
examined in a 1 plot in lowland tropical rain forest in Sungai Lalang forest reserve, Selangor, Malaysia. However,
some of trees with diameter of breast height (DBH) of 5 cm and above were measured and recorded to be analyzed.
As a result, all species at the study site were compared with some results which were found equaled abundant
according to Evenness Index that gave a value of 0.922; Margalef’s Index reflected a value of 17.01. Chaetocarpus
castanocarpus (Euphorbiaceae) was the most important species with an IVI (Important Value Index) of 4.643%,
while Euphorbiaceae was the dominant family for the study area with IVI of 14.02%. The recommendation are the
study area should be managed and protected in the right way to ensure the continued existence and conservation of
Malaysia natural resource

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