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Kandungan Klorofil Dan Pertumbuhan Semai Kakao (Theobroma cacao L.) Pada Perlakuan Cekaman Kekeringan Yang Berbeda

*Erma - Prihastanti  -  biologi, Indonesia

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Drought stress will result in decreasing the rate of water absorption by plant roots. This decrease will result in
disturbances in plant growth, especially in a growing network includes the addition of Growth in dry mass, volume,
length or area of cells resulting from the interaction of processes in plants through photosynthesis, respiration,
transport, water relations and nutrient balance. Morphological and physiological responses of plants against stress
and patterns of plant adaptation to different environments is very important especially for the purposes of cultivation
and the prediction of the properties of responsive plant tersebut. Purpose of this research is to examine changes in
content klorofil a and b, and growth (number of leaves and plant height ) cocoa seedling age of 12 months at
different water stress.
The study was conducted in the village of Plana Banyumas, Central Java Province, which lasted from January
2007 to June 2008. Cacao tree used was 12 months in which the cocoa beans used for seeding of hybrid clones
derived from cocoa pods from the village of O, o Kulawi Donggala District of Central Sulawesi. Cocoa seedlings
were given three treatments of water stress that soil water content 75%, 50% and 25%. Observations of variable
chlorophyll a and b,number of leaves and plant height after one month and two months of stress.
The results showed drought effect on leaf chlorophyll content of seedlings of cocoa, where the plants grown on soil
water content of 50% have chlorophyll a and b are lower than those grown on soil water content 75%. The growth of
cocoa seedlings are best when planted with soil water content 75%, because the soil moisture content of 50% and
25% of the number of leaves and plant height decreased
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