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Order Original Paper Offprint

Order Original Paper Offprints/Reprints

An offprint is available immediately upon publication and is an exact original printed copy of your complete article in an exclusive glossy paper. Offprints are provided freely to authors in digital (PDF) paper form (without exclusive cover). As standard we provide e-offprints (PDFs) that can be downloaded freely in our website.

An e-offprint is a watermarked PDF version of your published article. The e-offprint is delivered by e-mail or can be downloaded in the journal portal, so it is a fast and convenient way for you to receive and disseminate your published article as soon as it is available.

Exclusive Original Paper Offprints

However, this electronic international journals offer Original Paper Offprints / Reprints instead or in addition with affordable price. The exclusive Original Paper Offprints include: Front Cover in color completed with article information, Inside front cover in color of International Editorial Board, Content of the Article in black-white, Inside Back Cover in color of Indexing and Abstracting, and Back Cover in color of Table of Contents completed with barcode. The offprints is printed in an exclusive glossy paper. Sample of the exclusive Original Paper Offprint can be downloaded below.

How do I request additional offprints?

You, as a corresponding author, will receive an offering for Original Offprint Order Form when your paper has been accepted for publication. If several authors are listed, the named corresponding author will receive the request form. It is the corresponding author’s duty to compile requests from all contributing authors into a single order.

Prior to publication, you can order paper offprints when you receive your Offprint Order Form. After you return the order form, we will send you an official invoice and the guidelines how to pay it. Offprints will be delivered 4–6 weeks after payment made and are dispatched by standard air services at no extra charge. Claims for missing or damaged offprints must be made within six months of the date of payment. This is also dependent on local postal services.

After publication, you can order paper offprints via the E-mail to: Here you can order between 25 to 100 offprints, in increments of 25 (as informed in the Offprint Order Form), provided on high-quality glossy paper with optional covers.