*Benedictus K Budiprasetyo  -  Universitas Katolik Soegijapranata, Semarang, Indonesia
Published: 15 Jul 2007.
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The implementation of the competitive advantage development in the resource­ based theory depends on the inside­out, outside­in, and spanning process as a combination of strategic actions. Hence, this empirical research explores how the customer cultural awareness and knowledge management development as the inside­out processes and the market characteristic as the outside­in process influence the management behavior of the higher education institution and the implementation of the internationalization strategy as the spanning process. Using the data form questionnaire filled by the Indonesian higher education management processed with PLS model estimation, it founded that the inside­out process influence the spanning process. The results shows that the inside­out processes significantly influence the spanning process with cultural awareness OSE .33, knowledge management OSE .37, and the R2 .42. The management behavior significantly influence (OSE:.45 and R2:.30) tne internationalization strategy implementation. This research result was a new phenomenon, since theoretical propose a significant influence both of inside­out and inside­out processes to the spanning process, but the result was consistent to the RBV context that the inside­out process is the main consideration of the internationalization process. This research result has its implication that the intematicnalization process of Indonesian higher ecuceuon institution in the context of inside­out process influence to (he spanning process as a serial of strategic processes.

Keywords: inside­-out, outside-­in, spanning process, internationalization strategy, resource­-based approach.

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