Jurnal Bisnis Strategi ( P-ISSN : 1410-1246, E-ISSN : 2580-1171 ) is a scientific journal published by Magister Management  Faculty of Economics and Business Diponegoro University. Jurnal Bisnis Strategi is a journal to develop business studies, especially in order to improve business understanding in Indonesia. This journal will publish articles of empirical and empirical studies related to business matters. Jurnal Bisnis Strategi published two (2) times in a year in July and December. Jurnal Bisnis Strategi received the manuscript, and includes the results of research and non-research work. Submissions should be sent is the text that is not being sent to another journal, and has never been published. Manuscripts received will be evaluated and edited for uniformity of format. Determining the feasibility of the manuscript contained in Jurnal Bisnis Strategi through a blind review process by the editorial board and reviewer.


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Mailing Address

Magister Manajemen Fakultas Ekonomika dan Bisnis

Universitas Dioponegoro

Jalan Erlangga Tengah No.17

Semarang, Indonesia


Principal Contact

Susilo Toto Raharjo
Email: susilototo@undip.ac.id

Support Contact

Endhar Priyo Utomo
Email: endhar@undip.ac.id