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Hubungan Paparan Pestisida Dengan Kandungan Arsen (As) Dalam Urin dan Kejadian Anemia (Studi : Pada Petani Penyemprot Pestisida di Kabupaten Brebes)

1RSUP Dr. Kariadi Semarang, Indonesia

2Magister Kesehatan Lingkungan , Indonesia

3Program Pascasarjana Universitas Diponegoro, Indonesia

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Background : Brebes as the largest users of pesticides (insecticide and  fungicide) in Indonesia, have potential for the occurrence of pesticide poisoning which will give effect on health. Impacts of pesticide exposure with the incidence of anemia using indicators arsenic (As) in urine has not been known. This research aimed to identify  association between pesticide exposure with the level of arsenic (As) in urine and incidence of anemia.

Methods : this research was an observational research  using a cross sectional design, with  32 samples farmer were taken by purposive sampling. Data levels of arsenic in urine in a test using spectrophotometry, while the haemoglobin concentration measured by Hemocue Hb201+, and for other data obtained by interview. Data analysis performed using Kendall-tau test (α = 0.05).

Result : study showed level of arsenic (As) still below threshold limit value (NAB=<35 µg/l), the highest = 14.45 µg/l, the lowest = 1.40 µg/l, mean= 5.1137 µg/l and SD=3.271. While hemoglobin concentration with the results of five respondents (+) anemia, the highest=16.8 gr%, the lowest=11.3 gr%, mean= 14.159 gr%  and SD=1.069.

Statistical test results showed there was no significant association between doses of  pesticides (p-value: 0.232), combinations of pesticides (p-value: 0.532), working hour/day (p-value: 0.797), duration of working (p-value: 0.515) and intensity of spraying (p-value: 0.834) with the level of arsenic (As) in urine and incidence of anemia (p-value: 0.152). T-test results showed average levels of arsenic (As) tend to be higher in respondents with duration of working  (> 3 years) and working hour/day (≥ 3 hours/day) exposed to pesticides.

Conclusion : The small sample size and  indication of long term exposure is a potential factor in strengthening the conclusion there was no significant association between pesticides exposure, level of arsenic (As) in urine and incidence of anemia.

Key words : Anemia, Arsenic, Pesticides Exposure


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