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Jurnal Kesehatan Lingkungan Indonesia (JKLI, p-ISSN: 1412-4939, e-ISSN: 2502-7085, http://ejournal.undip.ac.id/index.php/jkli) is a national online newsletter as Media to communicate research results related to environmental health, toxic effects of environmental pollution on human health and the environment, environmental management technologies and environmental health policies.

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Master Program of Environmental Health FKM UNDIP in cooperation with The Indonesian Association of Environmental Health and The Indonesian Public Health Association



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2021: Article In Press October

Yustini Ardillah, Nur Azizah, Indah Purnama Sari, Yuanita Windu Sari

Views: 250 | | Language: EN

Aria Gusti, Rahma Risandi

Views: 250 | | Language: EN

Muhammad Rasyid Ridha, Budi Hairani, Abdullah Fadilly

Views: 71 | | Language: EN

Mashadi Mashadi

Views: 27 | | Language: EN

Erdi Nur, Rahmi Hidayanti

Views: 19 | | Language: EN

Muhammad Addin Rizaldi

Views: 49 | | Language: ID

Petrus Natalivan Indradjati, Amalia Rahayu

Views: 50 | | Language: IND

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