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Faktor Lingkungan Rumah Dan Praktik Hidup Orang Tua Yang Berhubungan Dengan Kejadian Pneumonia Pada Anak Balita Di Kabupaten Kubu Raya Tahun 2011

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Background : Pneumonia is one of respiratory tract infections that attacks a below part of a respiratory tract. A
Health Profile of Kubu Raya District in 2010 indicated that there were 545 pneumonia cases in 2009 and 276
pneumonia cases in 2010 on children less than five years old. The objective of this research was to analyze the
relationship between the factors of house environment and healthy behavior with the occurrence of pneumonia on
children less than five years old in Kubu Raya District year 2011.
Methode : This was observational-analytic research with Cross-Sectional approach. Population of this research
was all children less than five years old who visited outpatient unit and suffered from pneumonia at Health
Centers in Kubu Raya District from January to August 2011. Number of cases and controls were 124. Data were
analyzed using Chi-Square and Logistic Regression tests using SPSS 16.
Result : The result of this research showed that the variables which had significant relationship with the occurrence
of pneumonia were: type of house roof (p value < 0.001), type of floor (p value < 0.001), index of house ventilation
(p value = 0.012), and house density (p value = 0.006), habit of opening a window (p value = 0.001), habit of
washing hands (p value = 0.004), habit of smoking inside a house (p value < 0.001), and habit of cleaning a
house (p value < 0.001). As a suggestion, they need to replace their house roofs with metal material, change a
construction of a house floor with a waterproof material, widen house ventilation, enlarge a room, open a window
from morning to afternoon, wash hands, not smoking inside a house, and clean a house.

Key Words : House Environment, Healthy Behavior, Pneumonia

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