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Submitted: 26-01-2012
Published: 26-01-2012
Section: Articles
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Neural Network is an information processing system that has certain characteristic in common with biological neural network. In development NN has been many applied in several surface, one of them is for forecasting. For the best application of NN, architecture has determined. One of methode to get optimal architecture NN is incremental contribution methods. This methods will to determine the size of hidden and input cell in the network with excluding respectively. One of the unit cell with a low incremental contribution will be exclution from network. The result shows that the incremental contribution methods is capable reducing the size of the network is propozed, so getting optimal architecture from network.

  1. Triastuti Wuryandari 

    JURNAL MATEMATIKA terbit tiga kali setahun (April, Agustus, Desember), menerima artikel ilmiah dalam bidang matematika, statistika, dan ilmu komputer. Terbit sejak tahun 1998 dengan nama JURNAL MATEMATIKA DAN KOMPUTER dengan warna dasar sampul kuning dan warna tulisan hitam. Mulai tahun 2005 nama jurnal berubah menjadi JURNAL MATEMATIKA dengan warna dasar sampul kuning gading dan warna tulisan merah maron.