Journal History

Jurnal Keperawatan Media Ners (ISSN: 1907-9842) was the first academic journal of nursing published by the Department of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine Diponegoro University in 2007. Jurnal Keperawatan Media Ners was published twice a year (May and November) and was available only in its printed version. The language used in the journal was Indonesian.

Along with the development of nursing sciences, practices, and changes in school policy, Jurnal Keperawatan Media Ners was no longer available. The new version of the journal under the name “Nurse Media Journal of Nursing (NMJN)” was developed in 2011 and published articles in the English language. Due to significant changes in the journal, the new numbers of ISSN for both printed and online versions of the journal were also obtained (e-ISSN: 2406-8799, p-ISSN: 2087-7811). The first issue was published on June 2011.

The name “Nurse Media Journal of Nursing” was the English translation of “Jurnal Keperawatan Media Ners”. The name was deemed very historical to the school, and thus it is preserved to be the name of the new version of the journal. The Nurse Media Journal of Nursing welcomes the submissions in the field of nursing and its relevant areas.

The NMJN received its accreditation from the Indonesian Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education with a B-score. The decree of this accreditation was issued by the Director-General of Research Strengthening and Development, the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education Number 60/E/KPT/2016, dated on 13 November 2016. This accreditation is valid for five years.

As an open-access journal, NMJN has been indexed by ASEAN Citation Index (ACI), Directory of Open Access Journal (DOAJ), Google Scholar, EBSCO, SHERPA/RoMEO, Indonesian Publication Index (IPI), Shinta-Science and Technology Index, Crossref, and many others.

In April 20, 2020, the journal has been accepted for indexation by Scopus. Scopus is the world's largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature, and having the research papers published in the journal means that the research will be more visible than ever.