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Nurse Media Journal of Nursing (e-ISSN: 2406-8799, p-ISSN: 2087-7811) is an international journal which provides a forum for publishing the scientific works of nurse practitioners, academics, and researchers.

The focus and scopes of the journal include adult nursing, emergency nursing, gerontological nursing, community nursing, mental health nursing, pediatric nursing, maternity nursing, nursing leadership and management, complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) in nursing, and education in nursing.

The journal is published regularly in April, August, and December every year.

This journal has been accredited by the National Journal Accreditation (ARJUNA) managed by the Ministry of Research and Technology/ National Research and Innovation Agency, Republic of Indonesia with First Grade (Sinta 1) since 3 August 2020 to 2025 (Decree No. 148/M/KPT/2020).

The journal is also indexed in Scopus since April 2020.

NMJN welcomes and invites researchers from around the world to submit their papers (original research article, systematic review, and case study) for publication in this journal. All papers are published as soon as they have been accepted.

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Citation profile in Google Scholar per 16 September 2021 [link here...]:

  • Number of citation in Google Scholar: 1155
  • h-index in Google Scholar: 18
  • i10-index in Google Scholar: 35

Vol 11, No 2 (2021): (August 2021)

Lester Canarejo Sapar, Ryan Michael F. Oducado

| Language: EN | DOI: 10.14710/nmjn.v11i2.36557

Christine Margaretha, Widodo Sarjana, Suharto Suharto, Innawati Jusup

| Language: EN | DOI: 10.14710/nmjn.v11i2.33500

Wenny Trisnaningtyas, Retnaningsih Retnaningsih, Nana Rochana

| Language: EN | DOI: 10.14710/nmjn.v11i2.28881

Made Rini Damayanti, Gusti Ayu Ary Antari, Ni Luh Putu Nopriani

| Language: EN | DOI: 10.14710/nmjn.v11i2.35257

Majed Shafi Alshammari, Raad Alshurtan, Gadah Alsuliman, Marzoogha Alshammari, Housam Alhamazani, Samiha Alshammry, Richard Dennis Dayrit, Mohannad Alkwiese

| Language: EN | DOI: 10.14710/nmjn.v11i2.38329

Boonyada Wongpimoln, Ladda Pholputta, Chaowarit Ngernthaisong, Chawapon Sarnkhaowkhom

| Language: EN | DOI: 10.14710/nmjn.v11i2.37366

Ali Mohammadzadeh, Elnaz Asghari, Mansour Ghafourifard

| Language: EN | DOI: 10.14710/nmjn.v11i2.37875

Devita Madiuw, Yanti Hermayanti, Tetti Solehati

| Language: EN | DOI: 10.14710/nmjn.v11i2.34199

Salwismawati Badrin, Salziyan Badrin, Raja Lexshimi Raja Gopal, Shah Reza Johan Noor

| Language: EN | DOI: 10.14710/nmjn.v11i2.37123

Nur Setiawati Dewi, Piyanuch Jittanoon, Wantanee Wiroonpanich

| Language: EN | DOI: 10.14710/nmjn.v11i2.34258

Yogi Hasna Meisyarah, Sri Hartini, Fitri Haryanti

| Language: EN | DOI: 10.14710/nmjn.v11i2.32267

Sri Wahyuni, Christina Dewi Prasetyowati, Wahyu Nur Pratiwi, Khalid Alfiadi

| Language: EN | DOI: 10.14710/nmjn.v11i2.29360
Editorial Front Matter
| Language: EN | DOI: 10.14710/nmjn.v11i2.41316
Editorial Back Matter
| Language: EN | DOI: 10.14710/nmjn.v11i2.41317

Total 214 citations from 64 documents (Last update: 2021-12-01 06:22:41).

  1. Mardiyono Mardiyono, Praneed Songwathana, Wongchan Petpichetchian

    | Vol 1, No 1 (2011): (JUNE 2011) | pp. 117-127 | | Lang: EN | DOI: 10.14710/nmjn.v1i1.751
  2. Back-matter

    Pradipta Ary Pamungkas

    | Vol 6, No 1 (2016): (JUNE 2016) | | Lang: EN | DOI: 10.14710/nmjn.v6i1.11924

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