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The influence Bladder Training Initiation to the Urine Residual of Stroke Patients with Urine Catheter

*Wahyu Hidayati  -  Diponegoro University, Indonesia

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The stroke patients usually experience with various dysfunction, including disturbance in elimination because of neurogenic bladder. Urine residue can be used to detect the bladder function in contracting and voiding urine. This research was aimed to compare bladder training initiation after stroke patients have passed the acute phase and one day before the urine catheter was removal. This research was used Quasy experiment posttest-only design with a comparison group design. The sample in this research taking by purposive random sampling method. Urine residue measuring with bladder scan and recorded in the observation sheet. The mean of urine residue in the treatment group was smaller (54,00 ml with SD=144,22 ml) if compared with the urine residue volume in control group (101,71 ml with SD=42,55 ml). The influence bladder training in both of treatment and control groups and the differences of the urine residue volume was analyzed with t test independent, there wes no differences between urine residue volume in the groups (p=0,84). Therefore the health institution must consider to develop the system and made a procedure in bladder training program’s and the nurse must do bladder training before the urine catheter was removal.

Keywords: bladder training, stroke patient, neurogenic bladder, nurse

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