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Uji Lintasan Kendaraan pada Interlocking Pavement Berbahan No Fine Agregate Concrete

Vehicle Trajectory Test on Interlocking Pavement Made From No Fine Agregate Concrete

*Adityo Budi Utomo orcid publons  -  Politeknik Pekerjaan Umum, Indonesia
Bhima Dhanardono  -  Politeknik Pekerjaan Umum, Indonesia
Laely Fitria Hidayatiningrum  -  Politeknik Pekerjaan Umum, Indonesia

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In rainy season, many cases of roads being submerged in water because of a lack of drainage capacity and low water absorption by the subgrade. This study makes no fine aggregate concrete as an interlocking pavement to increase water absorption to the drainage layer and subgrade. No fine aggregate concrete is made from mix of cement : coarse aggregate = 1 : 6 with water cement ratio 0,4. The results showed the value of specific gravity, water absorption, compressive strength, and Na2SO4 resistance are 1,703 gr/cm3, 2.57%, 10.8 MPa, and 0.79%. To see the level of interlocking pavement performance, no fine aggregate concrete  is arranged above the drainage layer and the levelling layer, and then a trajectory and inundation test is performed. The result of inundation and trajectory tests shows that interlocking pavement can pass water to subgrade without inundation and can withstand the wheel loader that is equivalent to 13,000 kg so that it can be used for sidewalks, park lanes, and pavement with a maximum axle load of 8 tons.

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Keywords: no fine aggregate concrete; interlocking pavement

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