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Mikrosimulasi Junction Metering dalam Meningkatkan Kinerja Simpang Menggunakan Software Vissim

The Impact of Junction Metering for Improving Intersection Performance using Vissim Software

*Anton Budiharjo orcid scopus  -  Politeknik Keselematan Transportasi Jalan, Indonesia
Pipit Rusmandani  -  Politeknik Keselematan Transportasi Jalan, Indonesia
Keke Inggriani  -  Politeknik Keselematan Transportasi Jalan, Indonesia
Mohammad Archi Maulyda orcid scopus  -  Universitas Mataram, Indonesia

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Sight distance that’s not suitable with the standard, the queue time and the low awareness of vehicle users to give priority to other road users is the reasons for the hampered of traffic movements and reducing the use of intersections. The majority of vehicles for or on minor road use the opponent’s lane because there are no markers, this causes conflict crossing and merging.  The researchers conducted study of Junction Metering which consisted of control and sensor settings to improve safety for road users. The method that used for analysis of intersection performance using calculation by software Vissim Full Version and Gap Raff and Hunt. Data collected in this study consisted of four aspects, (1) inventory of intersections; (2) traffic volume; (3) traffic speed; and (4) timelapse. Then alternative junction metering carried out with existing condition. Variable of comparison are level of service, queue length and vehicle delay. The Effectiveness alternative treatment using junction metering can reduce the queue length by 75% and vehicle delay by 17% with the average level of service is A.

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Keywords: Conflict; junction metering; vissim; LOS A
Funding: Politenik Keselamatan Transportasi Jalan

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