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Pemodelan Numerikal Kestabilan Lereng Galian Abutment Jembatan pada Ruas Jalan Tol Bogor – Ciawi – Sukabumi

Numerical Modeling of Excavated Slope Stability on Bridge Abutments on the Bogor – Ciawi – Sukabumi Toll Road

*Prana Kurnia  -  National Institute of Technology, Indonesia
Indra Noer Hamdhan  -  National Institute of Technology, Indonesia
Adrin Tohari orcid scopus  -  Geotechnology Research Center, National Research and Innovation Agency Bandung, Indonesia

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The Cikereteg Bridge is one of the infrastructures on the Bogor-Ciawi-Sukabumi Toll Road. Based on drilling data, it is recognized that the groundwater level is high and that the slope under the bridge has soil with a low standard penetration tests value (N-SPT) of less than 10. Hence, the stability of the slope is called into doubt. In order to strengthen slope stability under the bridge, this research will investigate slope stability while taking seismic loads into account and offer options for efficient slope reinforcement. By using the PLAXIS 2D software, the finite element method was used to analyze slope stability. The outcomes of the modelling suggest that the slope may not be stable, since it does not fulfill the design slope criteria, which are 1.8 for static conditions and 1.5 for earthquake situations. Respectively, the safety factor value is 1.396 for static condition and 1.068 when given an earthquake load. The design reinforcement model's results highlight that the subdrain reinforcement in combination with bored piles and ground anchors can fulfill the criteria for the slope of the bridge plan.

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Keywords: Slope Stability, Subdrain, Ground Anchor, Bored pile, Earthquake

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