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Domain Faktor Kesehatan Mental Pekerja Konstruksi

Construction Workers' Mental Health Factor Domains

*Seng Hansen orcid scopus  -  Agung Podomoro University, Indonesia

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Construction industry is a labor-intensive sector that absorbs a large number of workers. Therefore, the industry must be able to pay attention to human resources which are a valuable asset. One of them is related to the mental health of construction workers. Even though the construction industry is known for its stressful environment, not much research has been conducted regarding the fulfillment of mental health aspects of construction workers, especially in Indonesia. In fact, various mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety can have an impact on the performance of construction workers and industry. This research aims to identify various factors related to mental health that influence construction workers through an integrative literature study. The results of the analysis succeeded in finding 68 factors related to mental health in the construction industry which were grouped into four domains, namely types, causes, impacts and solutions to overcome mental health disorders in the construction industry. Identification of these factors and domains is important as a means of understanding mental health aspects so that they can become a reference for stakeholders, especially the government and construction project organizations, in an effort to increase awareness on the importance of mental health in the construction work environment. In this way, the government and construction project organizations can be proactively involved in realizing the achievement of sustainable development goals, namely good health and well-being.
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Keywords: construction; mental health; sustainable development goals; workers

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