Fonem Deret Vokal dalam Bahasa Indonesia

*Ary Setyadi  -  Fakultas Ilmu Budaya, Universitas Diponegoro, Indonesia
Published: 30 May 2019.
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The existence of word vowel phonemes in all languages, including in Indonesian is very dominant. All words in their internal structure must be found in phonemes. As a result of the existence of a very dominant vowel phoneme, its existence is able to form what is called a phoneme vocal sequence.

The application of research theory in connection with efforts to describe vowel series phonemes is based on the linguistic theory of the phonological field of the phonemic subfield. Because the study focuses on the smallest unit of language sounds, namely phonemes. The research implementation is based on three strategic stages, namely: 1. provision of data, 2. classification and analysis of data, 3. preparation / writing of reports.

The findings of the data are more secondary, so the findings of the data focus on the availability of references, so that the existence of a large Indonesian language dictionary acts as a "smart" book. The findings of primary data are relatively difficult to do.

There are seven kinds of vocal phonemes, namely / a, i, u, ê, é, è, o /. The seven vowel phonemes are relatively capable of forming vowel phonemes, so that in the end a table can be made from each of the seven vowel phonemes in question.

Keywords: phoneme; vowel; vowel phoneme; series; phoneme vowel series

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