Appraisal in the Jakarta Post Article Entitled “Ending Poverty, Ending Violence Against Women”


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Submitted: 25-01-2016
Published: 18-08-2017
Section: Empirical Research
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The study aims at investigating types of appraisals in the Jakarta Post article entitled  Ending Poverty, Ending Violence against Women and finding out which appraisal is mostly occurred in the article. The procedures of data  collection  were  a)  identifying  the  appraisal  items;  b)  classifying  the  appraisal  items;  c)  calculating  the occurrence of each category; d) summarizing the kinds of appraisal items; e) interpreting the appraisal items. The  obtained  data  were  analyzed  quantitatively.  The  result  shows  that  appreciation,  affect,  judgment,  and amplification are used in the article; and the most dominant category used is judgment.


appraisal, the Jakarta Post

  1. Ni Putu Era Marsakawati 
    Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha, Indonesia