Journal History

Reaktor (p-ISSN. 0852-0798 and e-ISSN. 2407-5973) is a peer-reviewed research journal, open-access journal publishing original research articles in the area of Chemical Engineering.  The journal aims to provide a global forum to disseminate research in Chemical engineering. The Journal also publishes selected papers presented at international conferences on the subjects. The Reaktor journal has been identified in cross ref with a DOI number: 10.14710/reaktor. The Reaktor is a National accreditated Journal since 2001. On November 2016 Reaktor is accredited by Directorate General of Research Empowering and Developments, Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education  (SK Number 60 / E / KPT / 2016). Reaktor invites contributions of original and novel fundamental research. Reaktor publishes scientific study/ research papers, industrial problem solving related to Chemical Engineering field as well as review papers.

The journal presents paper dealing with the topic related to Chemical Engineering including

  • Transport Phenomena and Chemical Engineering Operating Unit
  • Chemical Reaction Technique, Chemical Kinetics, and Catalysis
  • Designing, Modeling, and Process Optimization
  • Energy and Conversion Technology
  • Thermodynamics
  • Process System Engineering and products
  • Particulate and emulsion technologies
  • Membrane Technology
  • Material Development
  • Food Technology and Bioprocess
  • Waste Treatment Technology