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Desain Chassis Mobil Urban TITEN EV-2 Akibat Beban Dinamis

*Muhammad Alwi Kurniawan Guhardiputra  -  UNIVERSITAS JEMBER, Indonesia
Open Access Copyright (c) 2023 ROTASI

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Chassis is a fundamental part of the vehicle that serves to support the overall load that works on the
car. Chassis also serves to keep the car's condition remains rigid and does not experience excessive
deformation and is safe when used. The selection of a strong but still lightweight material was carried
out, using 6061 aluminum material. In this study, an analysis of the TITEN EV-2 urban car chassis
design will be carried out under dynamic loading when braking with variations in the Chassis profile
shape, namely the profile in the form of square and rectangular hollow and the distance braking is
15m. The purpose of this study is to determine the effect and optimal conditions of the design
parameters in the form of a profile on the chassis of an electric car. By using the finite element method,
the strength analysis of the chassis structure design can be determined by looking at the maximum
stress and total deformation acting on the chassis. From the simulation results, the rectangular hollow
chassis profile has a mass of 7.6 kg which is lighter than the square hollow chassis which has a mass
of 9.4 kg. Rectangular hollow chassis has a maximum stress that is superior to square hollow chassis
at loading distances 15 m.
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Keywords: alumunium 6061; chassis, finite element method

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