ANTROPOLOGI KEKERASAN AGAMA : Studi Pemikiran Jack David Eller

*Rohmawati Rohmawati  -  Institut Agama Islam Negeri Tulungagung, Indonesia
Published: 31 Dec 2018.
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This article aims to study the anthropology of religious violence in Jack David Eller's perspective. The conclusions are: (1) violence, anthropologically, is not an objective quality of a concept and a judgment, depending on the person who sees it. Some violence is considered good and ordered as rights and obligations; (2) the factors supporting violence are: constituents of cultural violence, integration into groups, identities, institutions, interests, and ideologies; (3) religious violence is practiced in all religions because there are some aspects of violence in religious doctrine; (4) religious violence has various forms: sacrifice, martyrdom, persecution, holy war, ethno-religious conflict, abuse, crime and murder.
Keywords: Religious Violence; Anthropology; Jack David Eller

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