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bcrec coverBULLETIN OF CHEMICAL REACTION ENGINEERING & CATALYSIS (ISSN: 1978-2993), an international journal, provides a forum for publishing research articles or review articles from the novel technologis related to chemical reaction engineering, catalyst, and catalysis engineering. This journal has been distributed by EBSCO PUBLISHING (Academic Search Complete, Academic Search Premiere, and Academic Search R&D) started from Volume 4 Number 1 Year 2009 to present. The BCREC journal has been indexed and abstracted and displayed in Elsevier Products (Scopus, Compendex, Engineering Village), Thomson Reuters (Emerging Source Citation Index)Chemical Abstract Services, CABI, ASEAN Citation Index, and DOAJ.


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  • Impact Factor in Scimago Journal Ranking and Journal Metrics: SJR = 0.251; SNIP = 0.848; IPP = 0.719 for coverage years 2011-2014
  • Ranked 39th or Q4 level in Scimago Catalysis category (link here) for coverage years 2011-2014.
  • Ranked 24th or Q3 level in Scimago Process and Chemistry Technology category (link here) for coverage years 2011-2014.
  • Ranked 351st in Scimago Chemical Engineering subject (link here) for coverage years 2011-2014.


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  • Total Citations in Scopus (2011-2015): 158
  • Total Articles indexed in Scopus (2011-2015): 120
  • h-index in Scopus: 6
  • Total Impact Factor in SCOPUS: 158/120= 1.317
  • SJR 2014: 0.251
  • SNIP 2014: 0.848
  • IPP 2014: 0.719


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  • Total Citations in Google Scholar: 429
  • Total Articles in Google Scholar: 137
  • h-index: 11
  • i10-index: 12
  • Total Impact Factor Google Scholar: 429/137 = 3.131





Publishing Articles: New Issue of Bulletin of Chemical Reaction Engineering & Catalysis, Volume 10 Issue 3 Year 2015 (December 2015)


newBCREC Volume 10 Issue 3 Year 2015 (SCOPUS Indexed, December 2015)

Available Online since December 30th, 2015.

Table of Contents

Review Articles

Utilization of Renewable and Waste Materials for Biodiesel Production as Catalyst Fulltext PDF
DOI: 10.9767/bcrec.10.3.8584.221-229
Prashant Kumar, Anil Kumar Sarma, M. K. Jha, Ajay Bansal, Bharvee Srivastava 221-229

Original Research Articles

Production of Oleic Acid Ethyl Ester Catalyzed by Crude Rice Bran (Oryza sativa) Lipase in a Modified Fed-batch System: A Problem and its Solution Fulltext PDF
DOI: 10.9767/bcrec.10.3.8511.230-236
Indro Prastowo, Chusnul Hidayat, Pudji Hastuti 230-236
Modified Zeolite with Transition Metals Cu and Fe for Removal of Methylene Blue from Aqueous Medium: Mass Spectrometry Study Fulltext PDF
DOI: 10.9767/bcrec.10.3.8624.237-248
Joao Henrique Lopes, Francisco Guilherme Nogueira, Maraisa Gonçalves, Luiz Carlos Oliveira 237-248
In-situ Polymerization of Styrene to Produce Polystyrene / Montmorillonite Nanocomposites Fulltext PDF
DOI: 10.9767/bcrec.10.3.8708.249-255
Lahouari Mrah, Rachid Meghabar, Mohammed Belbachir 249-255
Synthesis of 4-Methoxybiphenyl Using Pd-Containing Catalysts Based on Polymeric Matrix of Functionalized Hypercrosslinked Polystyrene Fulltext PDF
DOI: 10.9767/bcrec.10.3.8805.256-265
Linda Nikoshvili, Nadezhda Nemygina, Alexey Bykov, Alexander Sidorov, Valentina Matveeva, Irina Tyamina, Mikhail Sulman, Esther Sulman, Barry Stein 256-265
Production of Silver Nanoparticle Chains inside Single Wall Carbon Nanotube with a Simple Liquid Phase Adsorption Fulltext PDF
DOI: 10.9767/bcrec.10.3.8416.266-274
Alimin Alimin, Narsito Narsito, Indriana Kartini, Sri J. Santosa 266-274
Reduction of Nitroarenes to Aromatic Amines with Sodium Borohydride in the Presence of Selenium and Actived Carbon Fulltext PDF
DOI: 10.9767/bcrec.10.3.8512.275-280
Ke Ying Cai, Ying Mei Zhou 275-280
Total Oxidation of CO Using Cu & Co Catalyst: Kinetic Study and Calcinations Effect Fulltext PDF
DOI: 10.9767/bcrec.10.3.8875.281-293
Gaurav Rattan, Rajwant Kaur 281-293
The Optical Properties and Photo catalytic Activity of ZnS-TiO2/Graphite Under Ultra Violet and Visible Light Radiation Fulltext PDF
DOI: 10.9767/bcrec.10.3.8598.294-303
Fitria Rahmawati, Rini Wulandari, Irvinna Mutiara Murni, Mudjijono Mudjijono 294-303


Posted: 2016-01-04

Indexing and Abstracting: BCREC Vol. 10, No. 2, Year 2015 has been included in Scopus


BCREC Vol. 10, No. 2, Year 2015 has been included in Scopus.

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