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bcrec coverBULLETIN OF CHEMICAL REACTION ENGINEERING & CATALYSIS (ISSN: 1978-2993), an international journal, provides a forum for publishing research articles or review articles from the novel technologis related to chemical reaction engineering, catalyst, and catalysis engineering. This journal has been distributed by EBSCO PUBLISHING (Academic Search Complete, Academic Search Premiere, and Academic Search R&D) started from Volume 4 Number 1 Year 2009 to present. The BCREC journal has been indexed and abstracted and displayed in Elsevier Products (Scopus, Compendex, Engineering Village), Chemical Abstract Services, CABI, and DOAJ.


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  • Impact Factor in Scimago Journal Ranking and Journal Metrics: SJR = 0.251; SNIP = 0.848; IPP = 0.719 for coverage years 2011-2014
  • Ranked 39th or Q4 level in Scimago Catalysis category (link here) for coverage years 2011-2014.
  • Ranked 24th or Q3 level in Scimago Process and Chemistry Technology category (link here) for coverage years 2011-2014.
  • Ranked 351st in Scimago Chemical Engineering subject (link here) for coverage years 2011-2014.


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  • Total Citations in Scopus (2011-2015): 126
  • Total Articles indexed in Scopus (2011-2014): 107
  • h-index: 5
  • Total Impact Factor in SCOPUS: 126/107= 1.178
  • SJR 2014: 0.251
  • SNIP 2014: 0.848
  • IPP 2014: 0.719


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  • Total Citations in Google Scholar: 396
  • Total Articles in Google Scholar: 137
  • h-index: 10
  • i10-index: 12
  • Total Impact Factor Google Scholar: 396/137 = 2.891





Indexing and Abstracting: BCREC Vol. 10, No. 2, Year 2015 has been included in Scopus


BCREC Vol. 10, No. 2, Year 2015 has been included in Scopus.

Bulletin of Chemical Reaction Engineering & Catalysis in scopus


Posted: 2015-11-05

Publishing Articles: New Issue of Bulletin of Chemical Reaction Engineering & Catalysis, Volume 10 Issue 2 Year 2015 (August 2015)


newBCREC Volume 10 Issue 2 Year 2015 (SCOPUS Indexed, August 2015)

Available Online since July 12nd, 2015.

Table of Contents

Original Research Articles

Vulcanization Kinetics and Mechanical Properties of Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer Thermal InsulationAbstract FULLTEXT PDF
DOI: 10.9767/bcrec.10.2.6682.104-110
Mohamad Irfan Fathurrohman, Dadi Rusadi Maspanger, Sutrisno Sutrisno104-110
Modeling and Simulation of CO2 Absorption into Promoted Aqueous Potassium Carbonate Solution in Industrial Scale Packed ColumnAbstract FULLTEXT PDF
DOI: 10.9767/bcrec.10.2.7063.111-124
Ali Altway, Susianto Susianto, Suprapto Suprapto, Siti Nurkhamidah, Nur Ihda Farihatin Nisa, Firsta Hardiyanto, Hendi Riesta Mulya, Saidah Altway111-124
The Applications of Mixed Metal Oxides to Capture the CO2 and Convert to Syn-GasAbstract FULLTEXT PDF
DOI: 10.9767/bcrec.10.2.7381.125-142
Sajan Babhare, Reshma Raskar, Komal Bobade, A. G. Gaikwad125-142
Time, Temperature and Amount of Distilled Water Effects on the Purity and Yield of Bis(2-hydroxyethyl) Terephthalate Purification SystemAbstract FULLTEXT PDF
DOI: 10.9767/bcrec.10.2.7195.143-154
H.W. Goh, Salmiaton Ali, N. Abdullah, A. Idris143-154
Experimental Study and Kinetic Modeling of Decoking of Pacol Process Dehydrogenation CatalystAbstract FULLTEXT PDF
DOI: 10.9767/bcrec.10.2.7357.155-161
M. Toghyani, A. Rahimi, M. Mamanpoush, R. Kazemian, A. H. Harandizadeh155-161
Production Biodiesel from Coconut Oil Using Microwave: Effect of Some Parameters on Transesterification Reaction by NaOH CatalystAbstract FULLTEXT PDF
DOI: 10.9767/bcrec.10.2.8080.162-168
A. Suryanto, Suprapto Suprapto, Mahfud Mahfud162-168
Synthesis, Characterization and Catalytic Activity of Cu/Cu2O Nanoparticles Prepared in Aqueous MediumAbstract FULLTEXT PDF
DOI: 10.9767/bcrec.10.2.7984.169-174
Sayed M. Badawy, R.A. El Khashab, A.A. Nayl169-174
Thermal Behavior and Hydrogen Production of Methanol Autothermal Reforming Performed Using Oxygen Enrichment and Cu/ZnO/Al2O3/Cr2O3/CeO2 CatalystAbstract FULLTEXT PDF
DOI: 10.9767/bcrec.10.2.7228.175-184
Donny Lesmana, Ho-Shing Wu175-184
Facile Oxidative Desulfurisation of Benzothiophene Using Polyoxometalate H4[α-SiW12O40]/Zr CatalystAbstract FULLTEXT PDF
DOI: 10.9767/bcrec.10.2.7734.185-191
Aldes Lesbani, A. Agnes, Randi O. Saragih, Mariska Verawaty, Risfidian Mohadi, Hilda Zulkifli185-191
Catalytic Hydrogenation of Levulinic Acid in Water into g-Valerolactone over Bulk Structure of Inexpensive Intermetallic Ni-Sn Alloy CatalystsAbstract FULLTEXT PDF
DOI: 10.9767/bcrec.10.2.8284.192-200
Rodiansono Rodiansono, Maria Dewi Astuti, Abdul Ghofur, Kiky C. Sembiring192-200
Application of La-ZSM-5 Coated Silicon Carbide Foam Catalyst for Toluene Methylation with MethanolAbstract FULLTEXT PDF
DOI: 10.9767/bcrec.10.2.7872.201-209
Debarpita Ghosal, Jayanta K. Basu, Sonali Sengupta201-209
Optimizing an Industrial Scale Naphtha Catalytic Reforming Plant Using a Hybrid Artificial Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm TechniqueAbstract FULLTEXT PDF
DOI: 10.9767/bcrec.10.2.7171.210-220
Sepehr Sadighi, Reza Seif Mohaddecy, Ali Norouzian210-220


Front-matterAbstract FULLTEXT PDF
DOI: 10.9767/bcrec.10.2.8769.i-vii
PrefaceAbstract FULLTEXT PDF
DOI: 10.9767/bcrec.10.2.8770.iv-vi
Back-matterAbstract FULLTEXT PDF
DOI: 10.9767/bcrec.10.2.8771.App.1-App.12
Posted: 2015-07-13
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