Ekohidrologi Konsep Pengelolaan Lingkungan Berkelanjutan

*Tri Retnaningsih Soeprobowati  -  biologi, Indonesia
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Ecohydrology is the study on the interaction hydrological process or aquatic with biological dynamic
spatially and temporarily. Ecohydrology promises to be a tool of the sustainable use of aquatic resources by
ecological analysis integrated with freshwater aquatic conservation. Methodologically, ecohydrology is a
management tool using organism to control hydrological process and using hydrology to control biota. Basically,
ecohydrology is water resource development that oriented on the capacity and ability to maintain it. Spatially, it
requires an understanding about the role of organism. Temporarily, it requires reconstruction on the
paleohydrology as a base of the water resource development that put global changes into account. Based on the
successful implementation of ecohydrological concept on Saguling Reservoir, it able to be implemented for another
aquatic ecosystem.

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