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Eksplorasi Kandungan Klorofil pada beberapa Sayuran Hijau sebagai Alternatif Bahan Dasar Makanan Tambahan

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Chlorophyll is a plant pigment which recently have been popular as food supplement. The source of
chlorophyll consumed now are alfalfa’s leaves algae such as Spirulina and Chlorella.. Chlorophyll content find in all
kinds of plant especially vegetables so that have potent to be source of chlorophyll. The aims of this research are to
explore alternative source of chlorophyll aside of Leguminosae, from vegetables such as sweet basil, spinach, water
spinach, cassava leaves, pegagan, and papaya’s leaves and to study the vegetables potent to be food supplement.
The experiment has been conducted by extracting 0,1 g each leaves in 10 mL acetone 85%. The extract was filtered
with Whatman paper No. 1, thus record the absorbance by using spektrofotometer UV Vis. Statistical analysis was
used to analyze chlorophyll content is Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) with Randomized Complete Design (RCD) in
95% significancy. If the ANOVA showed significantly different, the analysis were continued with Duncan’s test.
The result showed that the highest content of chlorophyll-a, b, and total found in papaya’s leaves. However the
lowest one was found in sweet basil. Papaya’s leave potential as food supplement.
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