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Pertumbuhan dan Biomassa Spirulina sp dalam Skala Laboratoris

*Riche - Hariyati  -  biologi, Indonesia

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Spirulina is unicelular algae used as a natural food of brawn shrimp and fish larval that has high nutritional
valve. The aims of this research is to asses growth and biomass of spirulina sp at laboratorium scale. Method was
carried out by culturing Spirulina sp using walne culture media.
The density of Spirulina sp was conuted for 9 days . The result of this research shows that optimal density
cuhich was 11.698.103 unit/ml occurred on the day 7th with wet weight was o,042 gr/l and dry weight was 0,0375
gr/l. Spirulina biomass an increased as a responsive of their growth at a certain level
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Last update: 2021-09-16 19:18:51

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