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Distribusi dan Kemelimpahan Meiofauna di Hulu Sungai Code Yogyakarta

biologi, Indonesia

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This research is aimed to study distribution and abundance of meiofauna and the quality of physicochemical
characteristics of uppersite of code river and up stream river code Yogyakarta province. Samples were
taken using modified Pysto style corer and were located based on habitat types specific river, which are pool, riffle,
rapid, left side and right side of water column. Sample taken four times for each zone. The parameter of for water
quality measured were dissolved oxygen. Water current, alkalinity and pH
Result from the analysis showed that the abundance of meiofauna at code river the highest at left side zone.
Which was 537.806 individu/m3 with relative abundance was 28,09% result from physico chemical parameter of
dissolved oxygenbetween 5,44 ppm – 6,0 ppm, alkalinity 20 ppm – 25 ppm , pH 7,10 – 7,18.and water
currenntmeasured between 0,03 m/sec – 0,49 m/sec. The abundance of meiofauna at code river was dominated by
group of Nematodes horizontal distribution of the fauna was the widest for Nematodes ostracoda, Rhizopoda and
insecta. Physico chemicalquality of code river water was relative good for meiofauna habitat and other water
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