`Kandungan Protein dan Abu Tanaman Alfalfa( Medicago sativa L) setelah Pemupukan Biorisa

*Sarjana - Parman  -  biologi, Indonesia
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The reasearch is about protein and ash content in Alfalfa ( M.sativa L ) after fertilization bioriza-02. This
research is in polibag plastic in 15 March-15 August 2006, using to research design RAL ( Randomized Complete
Design ), Treatmen is give fertilization biorisa–02 , one treatment is Po ( without biorisa ) P1 ( Biorisa-02 0,5 caps/
plant ), P2 (1 caps/plant); P3;(11/2 caps/plant) and P4 (2 caps / plant) every treatment repeated five times . Protein
conternt and ash analysed follow of makro-Kjeldahl which modification (AOC, 1970 in Sudarmaji, 1984). The result
of research indicated that increase of dose of fertilization biorisa-02 will boost up rate of protein of crop alfalfa,
though fertilization of dose Po (without biorisa–02 caps/plant) 18,472 mg/100 of gram differ is not real by control
18.264; so also fertilization 1 caps/plant ( 20,786 ) differing is not real with fertilization have dose (20,82) but differ
reality with gift fertilize to have dose 2 mg/plant (21,828)

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