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Estuary is part of the downstream that straightly related to the sea which function as expenseas of water river (Triatmodjo, 1999). Sediment transport which came from river and sea will be akumulated in estuary. That akumulated make effect to changes of the depth in that area.

The purpose from this research is to know about the suspended sediment spreading in Porong estuary.

The research was done in three stages which were field survey on April 5th until 24th 2008, laboratory analysis to bottom sediment samples on May 5th until 27th 2008 in Core Laboratory Marine Geology Research and Development Centre Cirebon and suspended sediment analysis on June 13th 2008 in Water Laboratory Environmental Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, Bandung Institute Technology. Model running on Computation Laboratory Marine Sciences Department, Diponegoro University Semarang. Model simulation running on 15 days from April 9th until 24th 2008 related to the field survey. Descriptive method was used in this research, and SMS (Surface Water Modelling System) software used for making the model.

            Materials used were primary and secondary data. Primary data that is current, tides, bottom sediment and suspended sediment. Secondary data that is Porong river flow, Juanda wind data and bathymetric map.

            Based on simulation current speed in research location on Spring condition up to 0.270 m/s and current speed on Neap condition up to 0.080 m/s. Which direction on ebb to flood condition moved from east to west then to north, on flood to ebb condition moved from north to south then to east.

Simulation result of Suspended sediment consentration spreading on 15 days showed that suspended sediment consentration was 3.803 until 240.448 mg/l which dominate direction moved to south east.

Key words : suspended sediment, current, Porong estuary.

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