Journal History

JAI (Jurnal Anestesiologi Indonesia) is a scientific journal since March 2009. Published and managed by Indonesian Association of Anesthesiology and Intensive Theraphy Specialist (Perdatin) Chapter Jawa Tengah in collaboration with Faculty of Medicine Diponegoro University. In the beginning, this journal is established as a collection for many research article, case report and review from the consultant, specialist and resident in anesthesiology and intensive theraphy department in Faculty of Medicine Diponegoro University. Now, this journal is growing and collect more article or manuscript from all center in Indonesia. This journal is being accredited by Indonesian Directorate General for Higher Education (DIKTI) in 2014 with the degree of accreditation B, valid for five years.


The history of Jurnal Anestesiologi Indonesia (JAI) is as follows:

  • Beginning from Volume 10 Number 3 Year 2018, JAI’s manuscript style is revised. JAI’s manuscript style changes include: writing page number, layout of the footer section, table content’s font size, font size of the Indonesian title and English title, and writing abstract in Indonesian.
  • Since from Volume 5 Number 3 Year 2013, the article style is revised to add email correspondence.

Article Processing Charge

  • Beginning from November 2019 submit an article in the Jurnal Anestesiologi Indonesia (JAI) wich will cost 500.000 (IDR) / article

  • Payment by transfer to Mandiri 135-00-0087087-1 (Perdatin Jawa Tengah)

  • Processing charge due to peer reviewing, editing, maintaining and archiving. If printed version of the journal is needed, please contact

  • Proof of payment can be sent via

  • Letter of Acceptance will be sent via email after the article has been accepted