Carbonylation Reaction between Glycerol and Urea using CaO Catalyst


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Published: 01-10-2018
Section: Research Articles
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This study aims to utilize abundant glycerol because the production is more than the consumption. The use of glycerol is carried out through a carbonylation reaction between glycerol and urea to obtain glycerol carbonate. In the carbonylation reaction, variations in the use of CaO catalysts were carried out at 130°C and 160°C and the use of ZnO catalysts at 160°C. The results of product testing using GC-MS showed that the desired glycerol carbonate was not detected, but 1,3-dioxol-2-one was detected as the reaction result in the largest amount. The carbonylation reaction using catalyst CaO 1 mol% with a temperature of 160°C and constant stirring for 3 hours resulted in a conversion of 92.86% and a 1.3-dioxol-2-one yield of 64.80%. The carbonylation reaction using ZnO 1 catalyst mol% at 160°C and constant stirring for 3 hours can produce a conversion of 94.88% and a 1,3-dioxol-2-one yield of 30.06%.


Glycerol; CaO catalyst; carbonylation reaction; urea

  1. Sukirno Sukirno 
    Chemical Engineering Department, Universitas Indonesia Jakarta, Indonesia
  2. Gema Fitriyano  Sinta
    Universitas Muhammadiyah Jakarta Jakarta, Indonesia
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