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Hambatan Penerapan Konstruksi Berkelanjutan: Perspektif Pemerintah

Barriers to the Implementation of Sustainable Construction: Government Perspective

*Debby - Willar orcid scopus publons  -  Manado State Polytechnic, Indonesia
Bambang Trigunarsyah  -  RMIT University, Australia

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Sustainable construction is a way for the construction industry to achieve sustainable development by considering social, economic, environmental, and cultural issues. Policies for implementing sustainable construction in infrastructure delivery are still not clearly understood, resulting in challenging implementation by planners and contractors. This research study identifies the barriers to implementing sustainable construction in developing infrastructure projects in Bina Marga, Cipta Karya, Sumber Daya Air, and Perumahan Permukiman sectors in North Sulawesi Province. Data collection using semi-structured interviews involved 23 informants from these four sectors. The results of the study found that the barriers evenly occur throughout the life cycle of an infrastructure project in four sectors, namely: (1) the programming phase related to strategic planning documents and identification of barriers, (2) the technical planning phase related to technical understanding and competence service providers, (3) construction implementation phase related to expert consultants, service provider competence, and green construction technology, (4) utilization phase related to socialization, promotion, and education, (5) demolition phase related to mechanisms and availability of resources. The study results provide academic-based information for the government to minimize barriers to implementing sustainable construction policies throughout Indonesia.

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Keywords: Sustainable construction, project life cycle, infrastructure

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